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Mission Statement:
ABestWeb (ABW) is an affiliate marketing community that advocates ethical behavior and educates on best practices. The ABW rules and guidelines noted below are in place to further the mission of the ABW Community.

Updated 8/30/2010

WARNING: Your postings on this public forum will remain public. Your text will be available to anyone with Internet access. Threads and posts will not be removed by request. However, our moderators will remove those that do not conform to these guidelines.

The ABestWeb (ABW) Community encourages dialog, debate and constructive criticism when appropriate to promote the affiliate industry by encouraging ethical conduct and informed decision-making. Membership to ABW is free but not without responsibility. The ABW Community exists and flourishes because members contribute their time, expertise and passion to facilitate a functioning community. Please respect the community contributions by learning and following the rules and guidelines presented herein. These rules may be updated from time to time with or without notice. While we will do our best to inform you when we do update them, we cannot guarantee your receipt of such notices.

By using this website you acknowledge that you accept the following policies:

Terms of Website Use

Privacy Policy

These policies are hosted on our parent website, but apply to ABW. If you have questions, please contact us.

Messages posted to this board are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. Please be aware that all members are able to read posts on this message board, which includes children (under 18). You may not link, in any manner, to sites or images containing pornography, sexually explicit, gross violence, or are determined by moderators to be detrimental to the community. Posts containing racist, sexual, religious, personal attacks, or are deemed offensive to the community by a moderator will be removed.

General Forum Rules:
These rules apply to the entire ABestWeb site.
  • We take the "Be Polite" rule very seriously. We do not tolerate rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning. Attack the problem, not the person.
  • If you create an alias (user name) account that is found to be impersonating, offending or extremely similar to an existing board member's alias or other inappropriate name such account will be disabled.
  • Unpaid ads (spam) and misrepresentation are cause for immediate suspension of your account.
  • The ABestWeb message board is not a place to share information about where to get illegal software and other products or how to use or to trade them.
  • Any derogatory post referencing any personís race, color, creed or sexual preference will be deleted.
  • You may not post another member's URL or URLs to their site(s), their real name or other personal information in bad faith.
  • You may not post a notice of a claim of action against any person or company.
  • Postings that are designed only to drive traffic to a memberís site or affiliated merchant site will be removed or edited. Postings of a self serving nature and recruiting or requests of program feedback or improvements are not allowed, except through paid advertising.
  • The posting of pictures that violate a copyright of any party, as well as the posting of images that are offending (adult material, etc) are not allowed.
  • Participation on this site is intended for people in the affiliate marketing industry or with an interest in the industry. Members who appear to be posting an excessive amount of off-topic material may have their posting ability restricted.

Rules may be relaxed or tightened in specific sub-forums or threads. A partial list of these exceptions includes:
  • Introduce Yourself Forum: Manual signature and self-promotion rules are relaxed slightly, so that people can identify what company they work for, what their position is, etc. Please follow our guidelines.
  • Consumer Promotions Forum: Consumer promotions may be posted by merchants who have affiliate programs. A new thread is created for each month, and posting must follow the guidelines at the start of the monthly thread.
  • ShareASale Forum: Affiliate promotions may be posted by ShareASale merchants in a specific thread. A new thread is created for each month, and posting must follow the guidelines at the start of the monthly thread.
Custom User Titles, Locations, Profiles, and Signatures:

The custom user title, location field, profile picture and signature options are edited via your Profile. Custom user titles and the location field are displayed next to your posted text, under your user name. Profile pictures are shown in your public profile. Signatures, once created in your profile, are attached to the end of your posts (if you choose the option to include your signature). Signature and Private Messaging rights come after 250 posts, rights may be granted sooner based on the Staffís sole discretion. ABestWeb may allow merchants to have a larger signature for their full contact information on a case by case basis and may be withdrawn at anytime without notice.
  • Custom User Titles / User Names: You may not use custom titles to impersonate, or attempt to impersonate, ABW Staff, user groups, or any entity you are not associated with.
  • User Profile: Profile pictures cannot include sexually explicit or graphically intense images.
  • Signatures:
    • Must follow the Signature Best Practices (link will only work if you have access to use a signature).
    • May not be greater than 3 lines of text.
    • May not contain links to any adult or otherwise offensive websites.
    • May not contain images, affiliate links or utilize keyword stuffing techniques.
    • Manual signatures are not allowed.
Board moderators' decisions (including, but not limited to: editing, moving, deleting of single posts or entire threads) are final. You may not re-edit a message that has been edited by a moderator or the administrator. You may not start board discussions about our moderation. If you feel that you have been treated wrongly, please contact usand we will look into it.

Further Notes:
Any posts not meeting these guidelines may be removed with our without notice.

We do not remove posts or accounts on request.

In light of our policy of encouraging candid, open exchanges of views and the rapid distribution of information originating from many sources, ABestWeb cannot determine the accuracy of information that may be posted to the forum.

Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by participants in discussions are those of the author. You rely on such information at your own risk. You are urged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions given in the discussions.

Privacy Policy: We will not release any member information unless under court order to do so.

We reserve the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of current ABestWeb policies.
We do not monitor private messages. But we will investigate all allegations of PM abuse.
We further, reserve our right to disable any account at any time for any reason and without notice.
If there are any rules or policies you do not understand, please contact us.

Finally, any abuse towards our staff and/or management in any form, may result in immediate suspension of your account.
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