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New Datafeed Format - Important - March 23rd.

On Friday March 23rd we plan to release the new datafeed format to affiliates, with additional fields added to help everyone further work with these feeds.

The current affiliate datafeed is:


The new order will be:


Which means, the following 7 fields are being added to the end of the database record, ...

|manufacturer - 255 Chars, merchant defined field with the Manufacturer information

|partNumber - 255 Chars, merchant defined field with the part number

|merchantCategory - 255 Chars, merchant defined category

|merchantSubcategory - 255 Chars, merchant defined subcategory

|shortDescription - 255 Chars, non-HTML short description of the product

|ISBN - 25 Chars, specific for media, see Wikipedia definition of ISBN

|UPC - 25 Chars, Universal Product Code - see Wikipedia definition of UPC

All of the new fields are text fileds, and blank values are possible. ISBN
and UPC have a maximum character limit of 25, the other fields have a
maximum character limit of 255.

We've been working with Merchants to have new feeds uploaded containing the new data, but it is likely that you will see blanks in the additional 7 fields at the end for a little while, as merchants make the changes necessary. We've recommended for those merchants using the current Custom fields to create a category structure, that they leave those intact for a while, and utilize the new category fields in parallel until some time has passed in order to make the change smoother...

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