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Originally Posted by HardwareGeek
I don't know T-shirts bags candy i will get there early pick something up from every booth thats worth something, then head to times square and hawk it lol.
You sound like a lot of fun, Mike

I once attended an Internet show at the Jacob Javitz Center back in 1995 (it was open to the public and the goal was to get people to use the Internet).
I enjoyed that trade show and it was at that trade show that I signed up for my ISP [that I have remained loyal (for 12 years) to in spite of the take-overs from bigger companies--I always loved my e-mail name even though others don't understand my attachment].

I didn't catch any of the t-shirts thrown to the audience [after one demonstration/speech] but afterwards I begged the guy for a t-shirt, he asked if I would wear it and I said yes.
It was a t-shirt and it still is one of my favorite t-shirts to wear to the gym

The Expo Only passes include access to 4 keynotes, these must be the ones:
Tues, 11/06 12-1PM: Keynote: The New Media Universe: Forging a Model of Interdependence -- it would be interesting to hear the speakers examine the"deep understanding of the rapidly evolving consumer" and apply that to web related techniques.
Then from 4-5 the Exec VP from Nielsen Media Research will speak about branding --that sounds very interesting.

Do free pass holders only have access to keynote speeches on November 6th?

I'd like to see Wednesday's "Keynote: Innovate or Die! Thriving in the Age of Disruption" but I don't think that is included with the free pass.

Do all your planning face-to-face at ad:tech. Get in front of more than 350 interactive marketing companies, exhibiting on 3 floors! Expo Only passes include access to 4 keynote presentations and many of the special events.[*]
Are the special events we have access to specified or do we get to guess?
I have a feeling that free exhibit hall pass holders are not invited to the MediaWhiz Annual ad:tech Poker Party
I wish the site would let free exhibit hall pass holders know exactly what special events are included.
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