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Question about LS product linking

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Join Date: January 18th, 2005
Location: Mesa, Arizona
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I have a question regarding the product linking codes generated by the LS interface which has been nagging me for some time now. If anybody has the answer I would be glad to hear it. My question is this!

When I generate a link for a product using LS's link generator I notice that at the end it does NOT insert the code "subid=0" the way it does when you use a normal text or banner code. All it does is throw out "subid=". Could this be a problem when it comes to tracking sales?

The reason I want to know is because LS merchants used to convert extremely well for me until I started using their automatic product coding. Since then my sales have dropped to almost ZERO! If somebody at ABW can shed some light on this I would appreciate it, otherwise I will have to ask somebody at LS I guess.
Join Date: January 18th, 2005
Posts: 53
The 'subid' field exists so you can manage multiple sites under one account and get distinct tracking/reporting on them separately. That's it's only purpose. So it's not so instrumental in core tracking, but rather, a subfunction of the reporting process. (Sounds like I know what I'm talking about, right?)

I considered using it, but realized if you want the benefits of fully in-depth reporting for different sites, you're better off creating separate accounts.

That being said, it's not going to impact your reporting or tracking if it's not there, or if it's a "0" or a "42", which, if you've read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you'd know is the answer. But I digress...

Don't just take my word for it. Try it out - that is, remove the 'subid' part entirely - with any link you have, whether text, banner or searchbox, etc., the next time you make a purchase of your own. You'll see. (There are only a couple of core variables in any affiliate URLs essential to tracking, and 'subid' is not one.)

As to the source of your drop-off in success, you might want to graph your conversion ratio for product links individually by merchant over time. Looking at trends visually helps me spot cause and effect.
ABW Ambassador
Join Date: January 18th, 2005
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Posts: 1,123
AffiliateGuy thanks for taking the trouble to reply to my post . One just can't be too careful with these linking codes so I just wanted to make absolutely sure. Thanks again.
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