It seems all of the plain text feeds for merchandiser links went away today or not long ago on the linkshare FTP server. So if you're trying to download .txt files you can't any more.

Thats fine, XML is great and easier to parse. The problem I'm seeing is that XML provided by GSI or linkshare, I'm not sure which ones assembled the feed, is that the feed has lots of UTF-8 Character encoding problems so when you try to parse the feed it fails horribly.

I'm trying to parse it on Linux with XML::LibXML, which works great for every other XML feed from Avant, or even Sierra Trading Post's Merchandiser feed, so I know its not the XML parser. Has anybody else run into these problems?

I left a message with my GSI account manager, so I'm sure I'll hear back soon, but I want to know if anybody else is also seeing these errors and what if anything you're doing to work around them.

Its kind of a bummer that there wasn't any testing or notice that these feeds changed, but live and learn I guess.

Right now the feeds I'm seeing as being unparseable are:

Sports Authority
Dicks Sporting Goods
Joes Sports

Thats probably upwards of 100,000 products missing.

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