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    How can I pay an affiliates for broadcasting to his list?

    I have set up a property seminar and need attendees.
    How could i persuade an affiliate to send my messgae
    to his list?

    Normally they work on commission for a product sale.
    But here it is just for attendees.

    Any ideas?


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    One of the ways you can do it is pay-per-registration (an online one - that would be trackable).


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    Are your attendees paying to be at your seminar? If so you can still pay per sale. If you are offering your seminar for free, then it would be pay per registration or pay per lead.

    Is it a one time event? Is it ongoing? Is it online or offline? Those are all factors that determine if an affiliate will spend time promoting your seminar. You need tracking through your registration software or service to be able to credit affiliates for their traffic they send you.

    Or you can go another route and just negotiate a flat rate for advertising.
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    Stick a box on the order form and tell the affiliate to tell his list that if they write in his code in the box they will get e.g. 10% off. That way you know the sales came from which affiliate.

    ...But then people sitting in the seminar will start talking and surprise all the forms have that code in them since they discover they can save 10%.

    ...So forget that idea.

    ...Instead get them to enter the code at time of registration but before they start to mingle. That way after ordering you can go back and see which ones had the code on their reg. form.

    I know this is not a fancy techie solution but just go for it and if it works then automate it later.
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