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    Play around with W8 tax
    What happens if one doesnt submit W8 form(non US publisher) before requesting payment from an affiliate program--Or if one doesnt write EIN or SSN number-does he get thrown out of the program or is he just liable to 30 % US tax withholding?

    PLease mention the consequences in each case if any one has any experience--I need to know.Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Tax Withholding....
    Hi !

    While i do not know the exact rule on this specific instance, I can tell you that under US law, you are simply responsible for paying the tax.

    I know this may sound a little dumb, But why would you worry about filing that W 8 anyway ? If they push it, that is one thing, but I definitely would not sweat it.

    Most customers will simply ask you to just file the form. If you were to refuse for example, then I could see them deciding to part ways.

    I think the best thing to do though, is to email the AM and ask.

    I hope this helps !


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