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    Multiple Networks?
    I was wondering if any of the Affiliate Managers on here had any experience running multiple networks for one merchant. For instance, running Performics and adding CJ into the mix.

    What are the advantages, drawbacks, etc. you've encountered from trying a situation like this? Are there any particular areas of concern when trying to run a merchant on multiple networks?

    Thanks in advance for your help. I'm new here and posting this on the Performics board as well to get the answer from multiple angles. If this is frowned upon or bad board etiquette I apologize.


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    It's a question I get asked often and just added that part last night to our faq

    Q. Can we have a program running on two separate networks at the same time?
    Most often yes, but depending on how well managed your program is ( see next question below) and policed on both networks that you should have two programs running at same time. Also there are a few networks that do not allow dual running programs on other competing networks and usually require exclusive contracts.

    Q. Is it true that there could be duplicate sales when running multiple networks?
    Yes. This is often very true and most tricky part when running dual programs on two networks. Often when they are an in-house run program with own customized tracking software against a network software tracked program we have seen less problems with duplicate sales but they do still happen. It is usually a tracking pixel issue or a last cookie in, so if you understand cookies, tracking and shopping carts or have a good programmer then you may be safe.

    Hope it helps.

    Welcome to ABW

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