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    Brian, please have your staff answer ticket QTE-781897
    I replied the ticket QTE-781897 on Jan 10, but till now I haven't gotten any responses.

    I know this is a public forum and my issue is private. However, there are no efficient way for us to contact I'm now in Hong Kong, the 13 hour time difference between us make it is very inconvienece to contact a US company via telephone call. Moreover, in the past experience, when I call shareasale, they will not make an instant solution, instead, they will just say they will have someone process it later.

    I try to send a PM to Brian, but the forum function prohibit me to send PM when the post number is less than some predefined number.

    My previous post is deleted, but with the solid reasons, I re-post it again.

    Brian, thank you very much if you can have the issue solved quickly.

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    if your previous post was deleted, you are obviously breaking forum rules and/or pissing off the mods, as well as people in this community.

    If you are going to run an affiliate program, even if there is a 13 hour time difference, you need to meet the needs of the affiliate. I get calls at 1 and 2 am. If you want to run a program with people in other countries, hire someone in their time frames or just deal with the difference.

    It is a part of the job which isn't always the best, but it is necessary when doing business with people in other countries to have to sometimes meet their time constraints as well. Affiliate marketing is not all about you, or the merchant, or the affiliate, or the network. It is about all of the above.

    And again, you still wonder why it never worked? You never actually tried it.
    Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. Online Marketing Blog and Affiliate Management Company
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    I don't think an affiliate network that cannot provide efficient technical support will be reliable.

    Yes, I understand to run an affiliate program, you will be ready to deal with peoples in different countries. But, affiliate program is to make life better, not to make life worse, especially when each time you cannot get a reply for more than 7 days, and have to stay late to call an international phone just to solve a trival issue, which will lead to bad health, I think, and this is not what we want.

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    Step 1. Take a deep breath.
    Step 2. Relax and be patient.
    Step 3. Ask yourself this question: 5 years from now, will I even remember this incident?
    Step 4. If the answer to 3 was Yes, look for another way to make money. If your answer was No, repeat steps 1 and 2.

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    Your previous posts were not deleted, they were merged with your original thread. Please discontinue posting NEW threads on the same issue.
    Deborah Carney

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    Here's the original thread:

    I'll merge this thread into the original thread once you've had a chance to read where it is.

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    We had already closed this ticket with the following:

    "I've taken your account offline, it will close in 30 days to cover your tracking gap. During that time, you may see transactions post to your account. When the account closes, you will be issued a refund check for any remaining balance in the account."

    Refunds cannot be processed by credit card.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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