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    SAS Interface
    Just wanted to tell Brian and his staff how much I appreciate their interface compared to the other networks. It actually appears as if they looked at it from the affiliate's perspective. How novel : )
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    I like the 'Today's Stats' link. Very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeymourButts
    I like the 'Today's Stats' link. Very useful.
    I've got it on a tab all day long.

    WTG, SAS. Indeed an easy interface to use. I also like the efficient search for merchants because it gives me everything I need (whereas L/S gives me almost nothing).

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    Nuts. Just logged in to my old affiliate account to have a look, and since I don't aff market anymore, I have nothing to look at.

    Oh well
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    Yeah, I keep Today's Stats open all day too, and what I like best about it is that it's more up-to-date than my CJ stats or my Google stats!

    With CJ I essentially have to wait until the next day to get a picture of my performance.

    And Google clicks show up first on SAS before they show in my Google stats - so I use SAS to gauge how lagged Google reporting is.

    When stats are this dependable I can actually base minute-by-minute decisions on it! Truly awesome.

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