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    The -cutest- dog ever.
    My gosh, now I want one. Here are a couple labradoodles..... I scarfed these photos from labradoodles dot com, so I thought I better give them a plug. Check the site out, some inordinantly cute doggies there.

    The one below is named Linus, isn't he just adorable???

    I -so- want one of these! And yes, I know it's better to get opne from the pound and save a life, lke I have in the past, but goodness, how cute!
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    6,195 is the web site of the breeder we bought our puppy from. They're in rural, western Virginia. If you want to buy a doodle baby I can recommend them. They were very thorough at finding out what kind of puppy would best fit into our home.


    They raise Goldendoodles, too. You can get a doodle in either S-M or M-L sizes. Ours is a M-L at just over 70 pounds.
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    I thought this was going to be a thread about Beagladors! Though, those labradoodles ARE adorable.
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    Thats is way adorable!

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    Elbow, you you may want to call the Morgan Humane Society up here. They have lots of puppies and have ties to all the local rescue groups that pick up certain breeds from them. They have a lot of puppies and get them in all the time since they renovated their facility.

    If they don't have one, you can have them call you if one comes in, or direct you to a rescue group that might have them. Or just go to PetFinder dot com and search by breed around your zip code.

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    I have one like those that I got off the side of the road here. He had been passing by my place for at least two weeks so I knew he was homeless (way out in the country here). I have no idea 'what' he is but he looks like those. Different color, dark with cream color legs and red patches on the head, all brown and grey - and smart too.

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    Now I'm not sure which he is. lol My brother has one of these but I'm not sure if he's the labradoodle or goldendoodle. lol

    He is sooooooooo cute I'm guessing he's the labradoodle cos he looks almost identical to the first picture you show except I think he's bigger. He stands up and hugs my niece who's almost 13 and he looks big but they say he only weights 60 pounds. Not sure if it's just him or not but he rarely barks. In fact I've yet to hear him bark.

    First time I saw him nearly got licked to death when he wasn't chasing leaves. Mr brother had stopped real quick to show me him and he was in the minivan. Was real windy and leaves were blowin around and he was havin fun running back and forth in it chasing after them on the window. lol. Saw him around Christmas and got to spend longer time with him, continued to get licked to death. lol He has the sweetest disposition and just reminds me of a big stuffed animal that moves. lol He actually looks almost identical cept he's a dog and mine's a bear. I have a bear (Benjamin) that has the same curly fur as him. umm not a real bear, a stuffed animal bear.

    Rhea - your doggie's reallllly cute

    He's taking obedience lessons now, tho. He evidently gets excited if he sees another doggie that looks like him. He spotted a puppy while my niece was takin him for a walk. He spotted, took off and down she went. So...umm doggie's goin to school to learn to not do that. He really is cute

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