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    Question on Visits duration.
    I'm guessing this is a newbie question, so placing it in here, lol.

    For the month, 80% of the visits I've gotten on my website stay for under 30 seconds. I'm thinking that's pretty bad? Or is that around the norm?

    The website is content based, so if they read any of the content, they should be there longer than 30 seconds and most of the traffic has been from Digg and Reddit so far.

    So.. with what I've mentioned (I know, more info may be needed), do any of you experts think I must be doing some things wrong or seems about right?


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    Found a similar question asked and answered here.

    Of course, the longer the visit duration -- the higher the user's engagement. I'd say that on a content site it should be longer than what you're getting... But here's another question to you: does higher engagement always equal better affiliate site conversion? Not necessarily! Here's some interesting data for you to ponder on (right from the latest book of mine):

    The question was asked about a merchant website, but it gives affiliates some food for thought too, I'm sure. There's got to be a healthy ballance between that additional content and the primary purpose of your website (to provide them with the most fruitful and enjoyable pre-purchase experience). ;-)


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    Thanks Geno.

    You answered the question and gave me some things to think about.

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    In my own experience I would have to say that you need content for search engines only because customers do not read all the painstaking details about what they are buying. They want pictures. I get emails all day asking for the same information that is right next to the pictures. They do not read.

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    I learned months ago not to worry about those stats, because my site seems to average around 80% of my visitors not staying beyond 30 sec. as well. But, on the other hand, my CTR (Click Through Rate) and CR (Conversion Rate) are pretty good, so I'm happy. As long as you are getting sales, I wouldn't worry about it.

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