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    Got Luxury Affiliate Recommendations/Insights?
    I'm looking for some advice and insight into successful luxury affiliate programs. I've searched on the forum but haven't found exactly what I was looking for.

    I'm involved with a company that is consolidating luxury vacation rentals/villas in a few key vacation destinations (we're working with property managers and rent-by-owners). We're solely focused on high end properties. We have both online and offline marketing programs getting ready to take seed but I don't think we've spent enough time investigating successful affiliate programs in related industries.

    1 Could you refer me to a few "successful" affiliate programs related to luxury brands and products? And add a few points to why they are/were successful.
    2 Refer me to a few successful programs in rental markets.
    3 Is there anyone that has set up an inhouse program before for luxury rentals/brands that might be able to discuss offline (or in the thread...which ever is deemed as okay by the community).
    4 Lastly, we've been approached by a few print publications (luxury magazines) that are interested in partnerships. This is new to me. Anyone got some thoughts on appropriate models?

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    Much as it pains me - have a chat with the guys at Affiliate Future. If you register not only for their US platform but particularly their UK platform, they can integrate it with all their other travel merchants listed as they run a holiday reservations platform for all affiliates.
    Flambi Media Limited - USA/UK/EU Affiliate Management Expertise

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