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    ? Can I use the exact same store on multiple pages?
    Maybe a dumb question, but I just haven't had reason to do this before now. Can I use an instance of the exact same PopShop on multiple pages (on different websites)? The topic is the same and the style will work on all, but could that cause any problems?

    Thanks everyone.

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    with javascript version, probably no problem, but with the others you might be penalized for duplicate content.

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    Yes, I had thought about the duplicate content factor.

    But as far as more than one person navigating pages of the shop on different sites at the same time, no problem?

    (using PHP but I don't fully understand how it interacts with the server and how it works)


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    PHP makes the content dynamic. In other words, your website pulls the shop info from the server when it is loaded, so changes to your shop will appear. If it is cached to be nice to your hosting company, it will reload the next time it is viewed after the cache expires.

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