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    Question Question about selling established affiliate website?
    I am selling a coupon site that has been online for over 4 years with about 700 affiliates.

    1. How do we change over affiliate agreements to new owner? I want to keep my affys for a new site that I am developing. It's a lot of work for the new site owner to change out affiliates, but I think that they should get their own affy agreements. So do you think it's okay to sell the site and collect revenues until the new owner gets links changed over??? How would I word that new owner needs to get their own affiliate agreements? I want the sell to be totally ethical.

    2. What is the best way to sell site? I'm thinking eBay because now that I've decided to sell I want to do it quickly so I don't have to keep updating.

    3. Is there a rule of thumb about asking price?


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    1. if it's a site worth much, chances are your sales agreement will have some clause that as of transaction date they get the money. Also, they may want to keep you on board for some period of time to make the switch. If you want to make it easy and ethical, just change to them as the payable in all the agreements. Again if it's a decent site, there should be some non-compete. Whatever you do, if you're collecting revenues on someone elses site, that seems fishy and unethical to me. Value isn't really in the affiliate agreements, anyone can sign up for CJ or linkshare and have 700 active relationships in a few days... it's all about sales and traffic.

    2. It depends on how popular your site is. If it's worth a few hundred or thousand bucks, then ebay is easy... or if your code is something spectacular, then maybe try to license it out instead??

    3. looking at some of the price engines, and other similar transactions (I can't find any coupon sites that sold and listed their price?), I'd guess 2-5 times annual revenue for a cash-sale, higher prices if you're sticking with it, and will accept payment for performance in the future.

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    Try posting it on this site. I might be interested if you gave a bit more details.

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