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    Christian Affiliates Beware - Some "Christian" dating sites...
    I recently read that many so called "Christian" dating websites are owned by secular companies - some of which also own Gay dating websites and some that own pornographic websites.

    If you are a Chrisitian affiliate who is promoting dating websites I would encourage you to read the article below and do a little research to determine in your own mind if helping to build a business like this will help or hinder the Work of the Kingdom.

    From an ethical viewpoint -

    If you are living a homosexual lifestyle or are into pornography - no disrespect intended by this post. I was rather shocked to find this information out and believe every affiliate has the right to know their merchant's values and other products they promote, especially if the other products are in sharp contrast to the program orignially pitched in one affiliate program from another they operate.
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    I would applaud any Christian who is also willing to run a gay dating service. It really is time for people to go against bigotry.

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    Just looked at that page, Christian Cupid made me laugh a bit. What, the monotheistic Christian God ,And the Roman god of love together in the one URL? Wasn't it the Romans throwing the Christians to the Lions some time ago? Brilliant. Of course Rome's now home to the head of the Christian Catholic Church, Who would have guessed it after all the lions and the Cupids and that other stuff?

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    I'm shutting this thread down. There are some very strong opinions on both sides of this, neither side is going to change their views, and debating it in this forum will just result in hurt feelings and bitterness.

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