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    370 update?
    Anyone going through their affiliate program? Any good, do they pay?

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    hmm, cant help you out there, easylife. Dont know...

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    They must pay, because so many sites use their engine/data. I don't have personal experience though.

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    Yes it does work and they do pay. Had some friends purchase some Dallas Cowboys stuff thru one of my widgets. They don't pay as much as a "typical merchant commission" its more of a per lead thing. Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, they pay pretty well. Here is a list of what they charge merchants (they pay affiliates about 70%

    We have a number of Triggit users who use Triggit to place links. They claim to make great money.

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    They're owned by eBay. They definitely pay, but make sure you send real clicks (not implying that you don't, just for all who read this thread). They can easily detect click spam.

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    licensing their search
    Anyone have any experience licensing their product search stuff? Have any contacts you want to share???

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    Interesting I ran across this thread as I had the same question after doing a bit of google research. I won't mention the website name of course but if you google canon xt and browse the ppc ads you'll find a website that uses and yet they are paying for this competitive keyword so I can pretty much bet pays enough to cover the tab or else why the ppc. To be sure I googled a few more products they offered on their site and sure enough found more PPC ads. I'm definitely going to look into their program a little more.

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