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Thread: [SAS] - $500 Commission Awarded

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    [SAS] - $500 Commission Awarded
    Hello Everyone,

    I am pleased to announce that we just awarded our first $500 commission on the Suluta Merchant Referral Program! Couple such a high payout for a new merchant with the fact that we also offer $1 per new user and our EPC numbers prove that promoting us is very affordable and profitable!

    7 day: $328

    30 day: $97.10

    Program Details:

    Commission for New Merchant : $500.00 upon first payment from Merchant
    Commission for new users: $1 per new user
    Network: Shareasale
    Cookie Duration: Never Expires

    Read more about the affiliate program here

    Join Here Now!


    Jon Nunez
    Best Regards,

    Jon Nunez | President |
    P: (682) 478-5882 | F: (407) 650-2820 |E:
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    Suluta gears up another client
    Congrats to another affiliate program client, that will be in good Suluta hands to manage!
    Brian Hawkins AM @ [URL=]Pingo[/URL] Earn up to $35 CPA for a [URL=]$1 trial offer[/URL]!
    [URL=]@TelecomAgents[/URL] [URL=]@TelephoneCard[/URL]

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