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    GoldenCAN Search Speed Improvements
    There have been some concerns about the GoldenCAN search speed in the past.

    We have been working hard on improving the overall GoldenCAN speed, specially the search.

    We have added more hardware and made many other changes in the system to improve the speed.

    There is a huge difference in the speed now. We are monitoring the page loads and especially the search results in milliseconds.

    If you find any of your page or certain search term loading slowly, please send me a PM with the URL so we can look into it right away.

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    "As - if" - "as usual" you are on top of it....

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    WTG, Asif.


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    I have noticed that in the past couple of weeks that Goldencan stores have loaded much quicker.

    Thanks for keeping on top of this isue.

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