Hi all. I am confused between Google's Cross Channel tracking & Google Conversion tracking. I want to set up Cross-Channel tracking instead of Google conversion tracking because cross channel tracking allows me to track non-google ads also.

We don't track sales... just leads. So a form being submitted is a
conversion. People are sent to our main page with the ad:
http://www.site.com and if they fill out a form, they are sent to

I want to see how many visitors visited my main page (landing page) & which ones actually signed up to end up at the thank you page.

Both Google Conversion & Cross channel tells to put the javascript code on landing page and also the thank you page.. I am really confused as to use both tracking codes or just cross channel code to serve both my needs.

So, which conversion code should I use on these two pages? or do you think I need to use both codes to meet my requirements ?

Please help me out..