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    New Affiliate Network/Marketing Software is being developed
    We are developing an Affiliate Network/Marketing Software called AdsElement
    and it is in the first stages of development, thus we are very interested into getting some feedback regarding the options/features you would like to have inside.

    Main features of our software are:
    - Fraud Ticket Book system, i.e X tickets for Z merchant from Y leads.
    - 24/7 click monitor if requested
    - Merchant/Affiliate work on a review application standards, based on sites creteria

    - Merchant's access to the network of sites an affiliate has, information, statistics and much more.
    - Post Back solution and CSV download
    - 1px image tracking for 100% commissions of sales, no cheating from merchants.
    - Integration with forum systems and we also can provide our own forum software, so what you have is a network with a forum where same merchants and affiliate that are in the network, can post and share information 24/7 live.
    - Third party DB servers, bring network up to speed when a data base has a failure, other server takes his place.
    - PHP, JAVA and ASP.NET Compaitable (per requests, not yet final feature, else only PHP)

    Please add more so that we can provide quality product.
    and also support the features I have listed.

    Developed by AdvertLabs, solutions certified.

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    January 21st, 2008
    Looks good so far...Whats this gonna cost us?


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    January 22nd, 2008
    We are going towards direct price competition against major softwares in this market, while we try to provide better quality, security and support, we will charge the usual because it is a new product. I believe as time goes by we will raise the price a bit more higher - if there wont be any market changes.

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    Cool. The market needs more network platforms - good luck.

    Tell me when it's done and I'll arrange a listing on my site so you can be compared with a few others.
    [URL=]Are these affiliates stealing from you?[/URL]

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    We will have our first public beta and demo soon, and the software is having a significant achievement on programming it. I have some questions for affiliates and merchants:

    For merchants:
    1. Would you prefer to approve each site the publisher has individually and each site will work individually and can be blocked, or do you prefer approving the publisher as is with his sites and whatever happens with his leads, if you have decided to block him then all of his sites wont be able to deliver any other leads. (if used by individual sites it will cause a big load)
    2. What is the standard for you by percentages of your leads to pay to the network owner.

    For Publishers:
    1. What is the most important stat you would like to see in addition to your Balance, when you log in? Would you like to see: first, second and third last days stats in a table, when you will have a balance of that day, clicks, leads, sales and everything and a top performer site of the day? would you like to see it in 3 or 7 days? would you like to see an average of the stats.

    That's it for now. additional suggestions are welcome.

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