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    Is Affiliatebot a Scam?
    Hi everyone.

    My name is Karri and I am very new the world of Affiliate Marketing. I am grateful to find this board.

    I am wondering if anyone here has had any experience with Affiliatebot? A couple of months ago I signed up as an affiliate there and then as an affiliate for one of their merchants, TVDVDLand. I then placed an order at TVDVDLand for a program that cost nearly $200. Well the order never came in, they won't return my phone calls or messages, and the tracking url they sent me when they sent a confirmation that my order had been sent, is an invalid url.

    I have sent various emails to Affiliatebot asking them about TVDVDLand. I got one response almost immediately, saying he would talk to the owner personally and get it straightened out, but I haven't heard anything back. And now he won't return my email either...

    So has anyone heard of these companies, and does anyone have any advice on how i can get either my product or money back (preferrably product as it was a Chrismas present for my daughter and she's so sad....)?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


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