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    How do you guys decide on who your going to promote?
    Just curious on how everyone makes final decisions on who they promote and how you decide.

    There is so much out is difficult to really tell many of these advertisers apart.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Continued Success,

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    I find that most of the affiliates that promote my programs have picked them because of one or more of the following reasons:

    1. Me - because I am just so dog on awesome to work with
    2. My programs fit with their niche
    3. The feel inspired by a particular product that one of my programs has
    4. They have a hunch
    5. They are crazy and just went for it

    Now I reccommend that you pick merchants that best represent the topic you are most passionate about. It is easier to develop a website that you enjoy spending time on. Find merchants that fit and use analytics to determine which programs convert best for you. You will find your "personal mix" of programs and OPM's or AM's that you enjoy working with and that generate a profit for you. it's all about testing and re-doing until you find that mix...

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haiko de Poel, Jr.
    I disagree with some points made in that post. Definitely don't choose a merchant based on the commission rate. That should be one of the last determining factors. I think the most important criteria is whether or not the merchant fits your niche and target audience. Then comes brand awareness and customer satisfaction. And finally regularly updated marketing materials like coupons, deals and datafeeds by a responsive affiliate manager.

    - Scott
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    I check in here every day and take note of merchants that are the subject of "notorious threads."

    Don't have the time to perform the kind of checks that Leader does in the thread recomended by Haiko.

    Usually I do check return days (and yes possible commissions). The quality of the merchant site is important for me.

    Once I have generated sales and earned commissions timely and consistent payment is the only way to keep me around.

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    My methods are a little bit scattered, but I definitely take into account my members' experiences with the merchant as well as my experience with the affiliate manager. If I don't have direct contact information for an affiliate manager like their name and a real email address (not just merchant@network), I am always leery. I want to know exactly who I am working with.

    I've also dropped some merchants where they treated my members poorly. Even if the commissions were good and the AMs were attentive, if my members repeatedly reported bad customer service, I couldn't keep them on the site--even though it did hurt a little to pull them! I then sought out their competitors and steered my members toward them instead.
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    1. The products have to coordinate with my web site niches.
    2. I check the merchant web site for leaks.
    3. I check the merchant's terms.
    4. I check for parasitic relationships.
    5. I exclude networks that are difficult to work with and/or I've had bad experiences with them.
    6. I eliminate them if their prices are too high, their products are merely dupes of a merchant I already work with, or they don't provide a datafeed.
    7. It is very rare for me to sign up with a merchant with less than 10% commission and a 30 day cookie.
    8. I do not work with big box stores!!!


    Of course.

    However, I don't sign up for many new programs. I've worked with a small group of merchants for a long time. They're proven to convert, their AMs and practices are affiliate-friendly and some have offered me special terms based on my productivity for them. That keeps me working hard on their behalf and we're all happy with the results.

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    hmm... I don't do that much checking, but perhaps I should. If the cookie and commission % are decent and the merchant site isn't full of leaks and they offer me the tools I want (popshops/ORGANIZED datafeed) the only final question is if I have a site to put it on :-)

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