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    Maximising revenue on sites such as HubPages
    I hope this is the right forum for this, but I couldn't find another forum where it seemed to fit, and it is a rather Newbie-type question.

    I have a HubPages account, and I have a little project planned next week to look at ways of improving the amount of money I get back out of the pages. Now, I'm not talking about affiliate links here, but rather the site itself.

    Okay, The way the site works:

    Revenue can be generated three ways directly onsite:
    1. Adsense on each page
    2. eBay module (using your own affiliate link)
    3. Amazon module. (using your own affiliate link)

    The revenue to each hubber is calculated at 60/40 ie 60 to you and 40 to Hubpages. The way I look at it is that it is payment for using the site for whatever purpose you wish.

    I've heard of people generating $2000 a month directly from their Hubpages, but I'm after a bit more modest. If I could get $10 a day off adsense I'd call it a win. (That would give me $6 a day). I know next to nothing about adsense sites and how they work. I haven't really gone into that aspect of internet marketing at all. Talk about starting at the bottom!

    What I have been able to find out:

    At the Hubpages forum this topic has been covered on several occasions, so I've found out that the pages most likely to get good adsense earnings are from topics such as:

    • Current news items
    • Long, well researched hubs on subjects like historical topics (there's a series of World War 1 hubs, for example that earn the hubber about $150 a month)
    • Special Interest topics (for example there's a hub on corsets that does quite well)

    Before anybody asks, eventually I would like to start my own sites and have my own domain etc, but at the moment I'm limited by financial issues. With that in mind I'm trying to use the free resources out there until I can afford to start my own pages. I think it makes sense to milk the ways I do have to make money to the maximum.

    What I'm going to do:

    I have an interest in history, and I have a few topics I could do a few long, involved hubs on, and that is the point I am thinking of starting at. If I can manage it I'll do 2 hubs a day for 5 days (which with research and getting photos etc is a reasonable time - especially looking at the WW1 hubs)

    Has anyone here had any experience using pages such as this to generate part of their income? Okay, so what I'm really asking is can anybody think of anything I may have missed? What I'm looking to do is keep the reader on the page as long as I can. That means making the topic interesting, and readable. And then hoping they'll click on the adsense, amazon or ebay links.

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    hubpages is tricky. i wouldn't put all your eggs in one basket.

    Your pages need to be built creative and ad value. Because they will take them down if its too much push with affiiliate links and sales copy.

    good luck,
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    These pages won't have affiliate links in them (except for the amazon and ebay modules). What I'm trying to do, and I admit it is an experiment, is see just using their tools how much money I can make if I go for special interest topics rather than affiliate related ones, if you know what I mean.

    For Affiliate stuff, I'm using Squidoo, Blogger and now Wordpress for some of my landing pages, and writing articles, mainly with ezinearticles. I'm trying to spread the love.

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    Why not just build your own sites and do the same thing? It may take longer but at least you'll be able to own your traffic and collect email addresses and create a relationship with your visitors. It will all be a better ROI that way.

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    Hi Rick, As I mentioned in the earlier post I can't due to the fact that I'm broke Let's not split hairs here. I would if I could, but I can't at the moment. Using my own site is out of the question because I simply don't have the money to do so.

    That's what I want to do eventually, but first I need some seed money, and I can only use 'free' methods to get it. It should be fun when I do, though, since I have no idea at all how to build a website.

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