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I wanted to let our affiliate partners know that the RizeMobile.com Quick Tip was sent out this morning and is available in SAS. These tips and offers are here to make your marketing efforts a success! Below I've included more information about the RizeMobile.com Quick Tip and offers we have for you.

RizeMobile.com Quick Tip:

The Bluetooth headsets are some hot sellers on RizeMobile.com. By offering these headsets in addition to a mobile phone sale, you are sure to increase your commissions! RizeMobile.com offers some fantastic mobile phones as well as accessories that will convert well with your site visitors. If you would like to see the featured Bluetooth Headset view here: Motorola H700 (Silver) Bluetooth Headset. To read the product description please view your quick tips today, which are available for you in SAS.

RizeMobile.com Coupon:

Coupon Offer: 5% OFF and FREE Shipping
Coupon Code: 5PERCENT35903
Expiration: 02/03/08
FYI: Available in SAS

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If have any questions about the RizeMobile.com affiliate program please feel free to contact me at stephanie@andyrodriguez.com.