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    Do you prefer doing ppc ads or creating a niche site around a product?

    Just curious if you guys like just grabbing a product and trying to promote it directly through your affiliate url through ppc or if you find it works better creating a site that is similar to that niche product and taking the time to create that?

    Thanks for any advice you can give. I have been doing it by just directing ppc to the advertisers.

    Is there a better way?

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    There are many ways to make a site and to promote affiliate programs. The better way is the way that works for you and your selected products.

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    I agree, you have to test it out and see what works for you.

    Some people prefer PPC, while others avoid it like the plague. It all depends on your goals and what kinds of products you are promoting.

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    When I first started in this business I tried doing direct to merchant PPC, needless to say it was an expensive learning experience. The conversion rate was less than 1%, and I didn't make any profit off of it. I then started to build a website around the niche, and put pre-sell information on my pages. I'm doing much better with the website that I built because I can give the visitor more of a reason to buy.

    I still use PPC, but I drive the traffic to my website instead of directly to the merchant. I've also learned to not use generic terms, the more specific, the better the conversion.

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    It's possible your ads are not being seen if there are competitors in your Niche as Google WILL NOT display more than one ad a time on a page with the same merchant URL:

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    I believe in testing both methods ad see what works for you.

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    I've always done better with SEO vs. PPC. And I believe there are more factors within my control doing SEO... (believe it or not).

    But like others say do what you are comfortable with.

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    I'd suggest that you not think in terms of "either / or." Multiple methods all have their value.
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    Going BOTH routes is best. Getting PPC to work (at a profit) is a nice insurance policy against your content site temporarily losing it's rankings. And content is a nice insurance policy against new competition pricing you out of PPC.
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    To really succeed in this business you'll need to try it all until you find what works best for you and your strenghs.

    That also applies to any given product. PPC will work better for some and site-based promotion may work better for others. List building and email promotions is another approach. If you've got a diversified skill set you can find a way to succeed, no matter what.

    If you look around this forum you'll see folks that succeed in many different ways.

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    Even if you make a sale by sending traffic directly to the affiliate link, you create no long-term value. I would rather make websites that cultivate a growing community with potential for repeat visits and sales.

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    Rick wrote (in part): > "To really succeed in this business you'll need to try it all until you find what works best for you and your strengths. That also applies to any given product. PPC will work better for some and site-based promotion may work better for others." <

    I've been working as an affiliate for more than a dozen years (but never as my primary source of income -- my consulting practice generally feeds my family). I've used many strategies, including creating "niche sites" and directories, as well as creating "thin content" sites, and lots of direct-to-merchant PPC.

    Certainly, niche site work has more "durability," while PPC has more immediate results. When I find a niche where I am successful, I usually use both techniques, "separately and together." That is, I work my niche site(s) for the category, and also drive traffic to the niche sites using PPC when appropriate, while also running direct-to-merchant PPC also.

    Always, always, always watch the bottom line. With PPC, you can make pretty quick decisions, because you gather data quickly. With niche sites, it often takes months or even years before you know if your work will pay off, but again if you pay attention to what works and do more of that, and notice what doesn't work and avoid doing that, you'll make some money.

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    thanks for the advice everyone!

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