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    Tools For Amazon Associates
    I've been using amazon associates program for a few years, and have found a reasonable amount of success with the program, but I can't say that I've done everything on my own. Other people and myself included have used a tool or service at one time or another to help improve they're sales.

    I'm going to list some tools, services, and scripts that you may or may not find useful as an amazon associate.

    1. E-commerce For Everyone - service
    2. Associate o Matic - script
    3. Ebiz U - service
    4. Amazon astore - service
    5. Gmp - service
    6. The Web Developer's Guide To Amazon E-Commerce Service - Book
    7. Amazon Hacks - Book
    8. Mining Amazon Web Services: Building Applications with the Amazon API - Book
    9. Mashups - Book
    10. lightbox - tool
    11. Widgets - tool
    12. Wordpress - tool
    13. phpbb - tool

    These are some of the things that have helped me out and some people that i know. It'd be great if we can grow this list out and make it a strong resource.

    Anyone else have something that they used that has helped them enjoy more success with amazon associates program?

    Hope this post was helpful.

    Happy Selling!,

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    How about that new one, Triggit? Seems to have some real promise.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sfcom
    How about that new one, Triggit? Seems to have some real promise.

    If it's a tool that helps amazon associates, then lets add it to the list


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    Don't forget David Cusimano's Associates Engine script, which has its own forum right here on ABW.
    [URL=]The Money Forums[/URL]

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    Thanks for mentioning Triggit for Amazon. A lot of our publishers are using Triggit to create Amazon links. If you want to try it out you can use the invite code: simple


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