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    Can not access Customer Links....

    Message Directed @ Chris @ CJ, But any one Is Welcome to Answer that can Help out.

    I am building a completely new site from scratch as we speak. {Not to worry, I'm even planning for yet another rebuild as I type this....}

    In my haste, I resigned w/ one of my old merchants and got the product links that I requested but now I can't get to them cuz I used my corperate email address to sign up as opposed to the current address.

    I tried to add the corperate email address on my account w/o much success, so now I'm at a loss how to correct the situation.

    Ideas would be great. Help would be even better.


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    if you mean the log in.....use your old address to log in unless your corp email was tied to a previous job in affiliate marketing, then talk to whoever controls that account.

    but here is the deal...those links will not work on your new account as you will now have a new account number, even if you have a relationship to the same merchants.

    if i were you I'd just recreate the links. Keep in mind you need to make some money in the first 6 months (was 6 mos last i heard) or the account will be closed for no activity regardless of what will be ready "soon"

    good luck

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