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    RSS Feed using FeedForAll rss2html
    I use FeedForAll's rss2html .php file to pass GoldenCans .rss feed through to an .htm page/template on my site.

    Basically, this means that I just use an .htm page as my RSS Feed template that the rss2html.php file then displays.

    I use this 'cos I'm an awful coder and can't use .php!

    The rss2html.php file has a line in it that is sending the 'user agent' as: ini_set("user_agent", "FeedForAll rss2html scripts v3");

    Recently, as this is not the real user agent name of the user who is visiting the page, my GoldenCan RSS feeds suddenly stopped working and, after some excellent help from GC my .htm pages/templates are working again. But, probably only for a short time.

    Could anyone please point this poor afilliate - and even worse coder - in the right direction as to how to either change the .php code above to allow the 'real user agent' or how to implement the GC pure RSS feed into my .htm files?

    Can I just use GC's RSS Feed as an 'include' in my .htm's or???

    Thanks in advance to anyone whho can a. understand my ramblings and b. help me out with the way to a solution!

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    To learn the basics about a lot of things, like PHP, MYSQL, CSS, I would recommend going to

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