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    Tracking Outbound Links w/ Google Analytics
    I'm a newbie to google analytics. On my site, , we are trying to figure out how to track when users click on the orange "buy it" button. The "buy it" button goes to a redirect page hosted on our server, which takes the user to the merchant's website. I would think it's possible to add some code to the redirect page, but not sure if that would allow us to track which "buy it" buttons were clicked.

    I noticed that google is planning to roll out outbound link tracking in "the coming weeks"...but not sure how long that will be, and this is a very important metric for us. Any suggestions in the meantime?


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    Look in:

    Tracking Comparison Guide

    On Page 6 of the Guide it shows how to track a "download" which is basically the same as tracking a click.

    Try using this format on the button:
    <a href="/mydoc.pdf" onclick="urchinTracker('/mydoc.pdf');">Download PDF</a>

    Also, go to Analytics Settings > Profile Settings > Edit an active goal in Goal Settings.
    Match type = Head Match
    Goal Url =
    Goal Name = MyDoc - URL Text (or whatever)

    Note: The URL of the goal doesn't physically exist, although GA may see it as a real page view.

    I'm fairly sure it should work, even with the redirect going on.

    Alternatively, during the redirect, you could refresh the page and add GA Javascript code there instead, but is less user friendly in my opinion because the page looks blank for a second or more.

    I've seen other references to this method on Google resources. You could research further for "tracking banner ads" to find out more.

    This morning I'm trying to figure out how to add Google JS conversion code for ad tracking in Adwords (not analytics) without the redirect and page refresh going on...ugh!

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    Thanks! I've inserted the code and will let you know how it works out.


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