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    Question Redirect Scripts
    I have a problem..... I was checking links that I placed..... they worked fine.... when I hit the back button to go back to my site, I discovered that the company is using a form redirect script that refuses to go back to the referring site.... I'm sorry, but customers KNOW what they want to do.....

    From a customers point of view, I know that I've gotten really ticked and left a site that has done this.... a few sites have lost my business because of it.....

    I'm sure I'm not the only one... I know that this topic has come up in chats with friends before...... the concensus of the people that I've spoken with has been that they feel that the companies that do this are treating them like 2 year olds..... they know exactly what they want to do and when a company prevents them from doing it easily, they look elsewhere.....

    Is it normal for most companies in the major networks to do this? Or did I just happen to pick one of the few that uses a redirect?

    Thanks for any input you can give!

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    I haven't seen this tactic in a while, I thought most merchants were smarter than that. I'm not sure what they think they've accomplished by holding visitors hostage on their sites, but I'm pretty sure that most users would have the same reaction that you did.

    Hmmm, maybe they think that the user will believe that it's Divine intervention and God wants them to buy something there before they leave. It could happen.

    Regardless of the reason, you may want to just make your affiliate links open in a new window. That way all your visitors need to do is close the merchant window and they're back on your site.

    There was a recent thread about that here: New Window or Same Window on Affiliate Link Click

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    Normally, I DO make links open in a different window, but these particular links comes from a scripted search widget..... I never thought about modifying the script to make it pop up in a different window.... maybe I can manage to do it without killing the widget.... if not, the AM is very nice and will probably help me on his end if need be..... thanks for the idea!

    At least I don't feel like I was being too anal about it now..... I just knew that MOST of the sites I shop at don't seem to use them..... and I don't like the few that I've run across.....

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