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    Affiliate Fuel Bonus Bonanza!

    Terms and Conditions

    ATTENTION: All previous referrals will also qualify for an additional 5% commission for June deliveries!

    1) All sites must meet the standard minimum acceptance requirements for the Affiliate Fuel network. However, niche targeted, high quality sites with lower daily page views than the standard required amount will be considered for acceptance.

    2) Promotion ends June 30th, 2003. Revenue by referred affiliates produced between June 1st and June 30th will qualify for the 5% bonus.

    3) Affiliates must be registered using the Referral URL found here:

    4) Total June deliveries must exceed the minimum check requirement of $25 to qualify. This minimum check amount applies to an affiliate's total monthly revenue and is not required for each individual offer.

    For more information or for faster processing of your affiliate application, please contact Joe Flores at

    Remember, your participation helps support this forum. Also, please be sure to check out a list of some of our top offers at this thread:

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    Hello Everyone!

    We've gotten several new signups at Affiliate Fuel thanks to the new ABestWeb Bonus Bonanza. Please don't forget that your participation supports ABestWeb and that you can speed up your application processing be sending email to with the login name you selected when registering.

    Please don't hesitate in supporting this promotion. June has already started and we are eager to reward all of the hungry ABestWeb affiliates!

    Joe Flores
    Affiliate Manager

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    I know our situation is not that of the typical affiliate marketeer, but AF gets two thumbs up from the folks here in Burbsland. We've only been using AF for a month or so, but have seen steady results and expect more. From my limited experience, I find their commissions exceptional.

    Karl Smith
    phillyBurbs - Your Internet Starts Here

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