Those picture frame thingies that display digital pics that you upload to them (by connecting it to your computer)... well, turns out some of the ones sold at BestBuy during the holidays had a virus on it, making BestBuy looks like total punked superstore, which I personally think are excellent grounds for a lawsuit against anyone invloved with the virus.

Anyhow, here's the story:
Some Digital Photo Frames Sold at Best Buy During Holidays Contain Virus

and by the way, the story says this virus was an older one and therefore harmless because everyone's anti-virus will catch it... nice story, but two problems with explaining it away like they try to do... do they really think everyone runs an updated anti-virus software? and if that was the case that it should get caught, how the heck did it find it's way onto these picture frames in the manufacturing process? I'm smelling the familiar scent of spinnage, which they'd probably claim was good for me because leafy green spinnage contains all those antioxidants and vitamins. :-)