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    AbeBooks New Coupon Policy
    Currently we're just in the testing phase and only releasing coupons directly to buyers. This means that until we can figure out the impact of coupons on our bottom line, and how our affiliates play into that, we won't be able to pay out affiliate commissions on coupon sales. From this point forward, we will not be paying commission on coupons, so you'll probably want to avoid picking up any new coupons that pop into existence. Any sales made through our test coupons before this email will be commissionable and paid out.

    Eventually, once we've figured out how coupons are being used and what the impact is, we will start providing coupons for affiliate use (and including them in the CJ interface) and go from there.

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    Further clarification...
    Just to clarify as well, this is only for coupon codes. Links to the free shipping room or best buys room are still fully commissionable, as they're technically not coupons.

    Certainly let me know if you have any questions and, since it's come up a few times, we will be taking a realistic approach to situations where someone might have written down a coupon code then come through your site. We'll look at things like percentage of sales with and without the coupon and whether you're promoting the coupon on your site before we reverse anything.

    And of course we'll contact you first!

    Patrick Armstrong
    Online Marketing Manager,

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