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    Questions about Dashboard
    We are unable to get a feature working on the Dashboard under Your Products. We go to select items to be removed (say if the merchant is no longer available, etc) and try to Remove Checked. It does nothing. Is this a known problem, or are we special :-)

    This is probably nit picking, but would it be possible to add an extra line of description in the Dashboard area under Your Shops? We noticed that it shows 5 of our 160+ stores are using a different style than all the others, but it doesnt tell us which ones. So, we now will have to manually go back thru and preview each one to determine the 5 that are 'wrong".
    It would be great if that were a part of the dashboard/Your Shops setup. Again, this is one for the "wish list".


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    Hi Kim - I'm not having any of the problems you are describing. It may be a browser display issue. What browser are you using?

    Be sure to e-mail support with your problem.

    They may know the answer right off and are very quick to respond.

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    I am using IE and I get an error on the page when it loads and clicking to remove a few products does nothing but returns Done but with errors on page. But it isnt removing them.

    I cannot confirm this happens in any other browser....

    I will send it to support, thanks for the suggestion!!

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