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    yet more virtual includes problem...
    Just when I think I have it all fixed...

    My host threw another wrench in the works. I was spidering the site for a search index and they firewalled it against types of http requests

    anyway, using <!--#include virtual="/file.php"-->

    causes on page error

    [ error: 500 Can't connect to (connect: Connection timed out)]

    I think I know the answer already, but is there any way to keep that relative path instead of causing another http request?

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    If the extension of the included filename is .txt, then the file is accessed directly from the hard drive. All other file types cause an HTTP request to be issued.

    Try using a full URL (including domain name) in the virtual= parameter, such as:

    <!--#include virtual=""-->

    If the domain name is not specified then the request goes to the server that the DySE script is running on. If a domain name is specified, then that request goes to the specified server.

    Since your hosting company is using a firewall, domain name resolution may be not available from behind the firewall (thus "" cannot resolve). So ask your hosting company if HTTP requests behind the firewall need to be addressed to a domain other than your server's domain, such as localhost (e.g.: http://localhost/file.php) or your server's IP # (e.g.:

    If the output of file.php is constant, then save that output to file.txt and then use virtual="/file.txt" instead.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Hopefully I can avoid changing servers.

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