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    Some Adwords tips I have learned
    Hi all, while this may not contain new info for seasoned AdWords veterans, I wanted to summarize some things I have learned along the way (just trying to give back to the community!).

    Nothing is more frustrating than the "landing page quality" comment Google will throw at you. A few points on how to lower the minimum CPC, assuming your keywords do match content:

    1. About Us - have one with a phone number & address (PO box is fine), increases the "quality" as it shows a legitimate business.
    2. Privacy Policy - important, even if you're not selling anything.
    3. Sitemap - not a requirement, but improves perceived quality

    And here's one more kicker...
    4. The time it takes to load your landing page!

    Sounds obvious, but measure your site on a timer, here's a link, NO affiliation, just a helpful tool: (I think I even found it here

    You may find a stray javascript file (*.js), or stats collecting script slowing down your site - while it may not be noticeable to your average visitor, Google WILL notice, and penalize you for it (brings down the landing page quality). Put slow scripts at the bottom of the landing page, or consider removing them.

    I addressed each of these items as I discovered them - as soon as I cleaned up the time it took my site to load (my issue was nested tables, bad I know, but they're so easy!)... AdWords gave me back a decent & very fair CPC.

    The only reason for this post is to help those who may be looking for guidance. I've recently graduated from newbie status, and want to share some of my own experiences!


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    Interesting observations you have there! I have never heard of load time affecting your qs but I have a few landing pages that take a while to load with iffy quality scores.

    I'll try cutting down the load time by reducing some verification scripts and see if that helps. Thanks for the tip!

    A great place for adwords tips is on Brad Geddes' blog, Brad is the moderator of the web master world adwords forum and he also leads some of Google's Adwords Seminars.

    Here are a few good insights to quality scores found on his site:

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    I agree re: load time, it was an interesting discovery for me.. some of my highly ranked [natural SERP] keywords were becoming increasingly expensive.

    Once I fixed up the nested tables & improved site time... the very next day, AdWords CPC went right back down to original levels. I guess Google WAS trying to tell me something

    While there is extensive info out there from more qualified sources than myself, these few tips (pulled from extensive research!) really helped my own CPC experience.

    Basic bullet points on the topic are hard to find for new users of AdWords, so I wanted to share. (this is also based on the assumption that keywords match site content!).

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    Great tips, teezone! I help PPC newbies every day, so any extra advice I can provide them with is terrific!
    Do you use Firefox as your browser? If so, you may want to check out this add called "FasterFox": I think it's the same thing as the octagate link you mentioned, just that this add-on checks every page you open using firefox.

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    Load time does matter (compare yours using Alexa).

    BG is very helpful and very smart!

    Try also providing a real phone number, address and email on your contact us page and register your domain's with that same info. This isn't some magic dust, just another tiny piece of the overall QS puzzle.

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