The data feed is live again and will be delivered daily to publishers who previously received the feed. If you are not signed up to receive the Kohl' data feed and you would like to, please send your FTP address, username, and password to Kohlsaffiliates[at]
Additionally, Kohl’s is happy to announce the Build Your Own Links feature. Below are directions on how to Build Your Own Links.
•Log into ConnectCommerce, go to the tab titled "get links" at the top of the page and click "by advertiser" from the drop down menu.
•Find Kohl’s from your list of advertisers.
•From the action items column on the right, choose "Build Your Own Links" from the drop down menu and click "Go".
•Once you select "Go," a pop-up of our homepage will appear along with 5 steps to create a new link.
•Step 1 asks you to choose a page from our website that you would like to link to.
•Browse to any product or category using the links in the upper and left navigation on Kohl'
•Paste the chosen URL into the box in step 2.
•Skip step 3 (unless you would like to add a creative banner to this link).
•Name the link.
•Add additional comments in step 5, if applicable.
•Click "Build Link" at the bottom of the page.
To Ensure that your link will work:

When getting the link from, do not use the "Refine by" links, as this adds parameters to the URL that are specific to your session.

If the URL contains a query string after the page name (ending in ".jsp"), delete all text after ".jsp", including the question mark (?). Next, copy the resulting URL into another browser window to double check the link lands on the desired page.

Thank you for your patience with the Kohl' data feed.

Please feel free to reach out to us at Kohlsaffiliates[at} if you have any questions.