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    'Gotcha Capitalism' or hidden fees
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    "The average consumer pays $1,000 a year in hidden fees, Sullivan says, $5 or $10 at a time. His book is a must-read to avoid getting fleeced by banks, credit card companies, cell phone service providers, hotels, rental car companies, auto dealerships, mortgage brokers, and the like.

    Sullivan tells readers what to watch out for -- including a $1,000 line item dubbed the "dumb-ass fee" by the mortgage industry, named after homebuyers who don't notice it on closing day. Sullivan also explains how to fight back, and helps you pick the battles you're most likely to win."

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    The only 'Gotcha'..
    The real 'Gotcha' is when you figure out you just spent $20 to read this dribble..

    Ignorance is costly..

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    So, I take it you disagree then? Companies never charge hidden fees? Or maybe you think that nobody should have written a book about it? Have you actually read the book?
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