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    Clinique on Linkshare
    I just got an email that Clinique is now on Linkshare - I think that is very exciting!! I just applied to the program, hopefully I will be approved.

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    Perscriptives and Origins will be moving to linkshare as well. All Estee Lauder brands. Hoping for a MAC affilaite program!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skishore2006
    Perscriptives and Origins will be moving to linkshare as well. All Estee Lauder brands. Hoping for a MAC affilaite program!
    Someone should tell Linkshare then. I sent an email because I applied, never got a welcome or declined email, they don't show as pending, and can't find them in my merchant list anywhere. I emailed the email address from the email I got telling me they were at Linkshare inquiring about it. I got this reply from a support person at Linkshare:
    Clinique is no longer a part of the LinkShare network. This is why you are not getting any notification from them.

    So are they there or not? Why tell us to sign up and disappear a week later?

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    Not that I have any interest in Clinique, but reading this thread I got curious, and I see that Clinique does come up for me in LS under Join Programs > Health & Beauty.
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    I got an email from Clinique asking me to join the progrma but they're not listed anywhere in my account. I did a search under join programs and they'r not listed.

    I tried replying to the email and received an error.

    What's up?

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    I received an acceptance email on the 29th, and got links up. They are still on my active account list, and I can go in and pick up links. So, I would say they are still an active account at LS. (at this moment anyway )
    It's under
    Clinique Online (ELC)


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    December 3rd, 2007
    I was just approved today. I just went into Linkshare and was able to access all their links. Wonder what is going on?

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    LinkShare is proud to have Clinique as a new client! Just so there is no confusion, Clinique is very interested in forming new partnerships with publishers in our network.

    We are looking into what happened here. If you are having issues like the ones listed here, please PM me.

    In the coming weeks, Clinique will be joined by its sister brands, Prescriptives and Origins, which we are also very excited about.


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