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Thread: NEW: Ticketmaster Venue Feed & 5% Commissions!

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    NEW: Ticketmaster Venue Feed & 5% Commissions!
    Hello Team,

    I have great news!

    In our ongoing quest to support our affiliate partners and provide them the latest tools to make their marketing efforts easier, we've decided to implement a NEW venue feed that is LIVE and available to all affiliates on the platform! This new feed is available to you when you log into your account under the area of Make Links/Product Feeds.

    However, we didnt stop there!

    As many of you know Ticketmaster is one of the largest sellers of sports tickets and sports packages for all types of fans, that's why we've decided to offer our affiliate partners 5% commissions on all Sports packages sold through Ticketmaster. This is one more way we make partnering with Ticketmaster enjoyable!

    Dont miss out on using this new tool folks. Its only getting better with Ticketmaster!

    If you havenít joined the Ticketmaster program, don't wait any longer! JOIN TODAY!
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    I would love to join, let me know when they have an ALL PRODUCTS data feed available...



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