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    1. I signed up for and they approved it 2 years back. Now I dont see them in the merchant search, although they send me email from time to time. Did they drop out of Linkshare ?

    2. Well, If they are still with Linkshare, How can I integrate with Linkshare? I mean how can i find my affiliateID in the link for linkshare ?

    3. Also are there any examples of HTTP Form post using linkshare ?

    I know its too much to ask for in one email.

    Thanks in advance.
    Nice As Always.

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    They are still live on LS (as far as I know).

    They will not be in your merchant search if you are in their program.

    1.a) go to Create links tab
    1.b) Select from ur dropdown
    1.c) Select whatever link you want..

    Can help you with no 2 or 3 but some people might have done it before..

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