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    Sales and traffic before Super Bowl
    Other than a football site or a sports site, do you expect traffic and sales to come to a crawl from today till Super Bowl as this is a big affair in the States?

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    Your question would be dependent upon the "targeted audience" and the items for sale.

    I think this weekend will be a key one for Valentine's Day related sales/Internet orders [females most likely would be the target audience for such sales this weekend]

    Yes, the Super Bowl is important, but [I'll get a lot of flack for this statement ] not everyone is "into football" -- I think there will still be sales opportunities for affiliate marketers. On the other hand, Super Bowl parties have become more ubiquitous; everyone likes to be part of the excitement and enjoy the festive atmosphere (some people will fake interest in football in order to be part of the party scene). In recent years, some people watch the game just to see the clever commercials that are shown.

    I don't have any handy data to back up my surmise, but I would guess that there will be Internet traffic/sales; the flow won't drip to a halt.
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    I run sports related sites (golf), and year after year Superbowl Sunday is by far the worst day for me in terms of traffic and overall business.
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