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    HONO script dies
    Touched the version files and ran Each time during pass 2 of two, the script dies at a different

    Killedsing: 20400/33427 (61%) (2m 4s left)
    Killedsing: 30100/33427 (90%) (28s left)
    Killedsing: 10200/33427 (30%) (2m 16s left)

    ("Killed" overwrites "Processing")

    Can I resolve this? I don't want to touch (bad pun) the other scripts with old data in case I end up with no pages showing.
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    Try it again. If it just won't finish, then see the following paragraph from the DySE documentation:

    Very Important: No "finished" section.
    If stops abruptly, your web server may be configured to monitor memory and CPU usage. The web server thus stops any process that uses up too much memory or uses up too much processing power of the web server. Try running again to determine if the problem is repeatable (this is important). If it stops again, then ask your hosting company if your web server is monitoring memory/CPU and if those limits can be increased for your web site. Tell them the URL of your so that they can try it themselves and see why the web server is stopping the process.

    See also: Run on your Windows PC with ActivePerl
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