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    dimdim is it dumb-dumb or digg, digg?

    Sure seems like quite a useful tool for free. It is a tool for online collabaration and meetings. They have a free hosted edition, an open source edition, a hosted enterprise edition, and a dedicated hosted enterprise edition. Wow, that's a lot to choose from. The first 2 are free. The enterprise editions are $99/year/room for the regular and for the dedicated server you have to request a quote.

    Here are some of the features:

    Upload & Share Presentations
    Desktop & Application Sharing
    Annotations on collabaration work space (Under development)
    Multi User Chat
    Polls and Question Manager (Under development)
    On Wire Security
    Recording & Archiving (Under development)
    Scheduling & Reports
    Mood Indicator
    Skins / Templates (Under development)
    Private labelling
    Active Directory Integration (Under development)
    Outlook & Google Calendar Integration (Under development)

    Just wanted opinions on this. Possibly we could use it here at ABW? It sure would be nice to hear everyone chat (via voice) every once in a while.

    If not a tool for the general ABW use, then possibly it could be installed for mod use to make things easier. I don't know.

    Anyway, I had applied to the beta a while back and just got in a few days ago and wanted to share here with you guys and gals.



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    89 views and no opinions? Come on---someone out there has to have something to say about this. I was excited when I came across it. Possibly it is not such a big deal. Hard to tell though without any opinions at all here...


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    I did not know about dimdim until recently seeing your post.
    I'd have to explore it more at a later date in order to give an opinion.

    It looks interesting

    Here's a review from some IT people:
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