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    Selling my main site, plus some others
    This is the most emotional post I have ever made at ABW. I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2002. I started working on my main site on the same day my youngest son was born. With my main site and some others, I made over hundred thousand dollars (in profits, not revenue) in the first 3 years working part-time. I can provide financial proofs (bank statements or affiliate network reports). For the last 2 years, I have not been able to spend enough time to maintain this gigantic site. I have been so busy on some other works; I just could not find enough time to work on this part of the business. Finally I made the decision this morning to sell these sites or shut them down for good.

    The main site offers cash back, coupons, comparison shopping. The site is built on ASP with templates and MS SQL server as backend. The site has an admin section for backend work like uploading product feeds, maintaining merchants, deals, coupons, processing cash back etc. You can turn off any feature pretty easily. I have spent a great amount of time building both the backend and frontend sections of the site. This site requires at least 2 servers (one for the web server (IIS) side and one for the database). Currently I run it on dual Xeon servers hosted by very good hosting company for the last 4 years or more. The DB server needs plenty of memory for text search facility. The DB is over 2 GBs. Iíll provide all ASP and SQL Server scripts for the maintenance of the site. Initially you will need to do some work to convert affiliate IDs from mine to yours. Everything is very customizable and database driven. So this is not a difficult thing to do. You will ASP and SQL server knowledge. Iíll help out initially for a few weeks to get the things going.

    If you are interested to check out the sites and make an offer, please PM me.

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    Maybe you should just hire someone to maintain it?

    Good luck on the sale.


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    I am interested. Unfortunately I am not able to PM as I am new. Actually I registered quite a while ago, but now I am seriously pursuing affiliate business. I have 8 years of asp programming experience, so it would not be a problem for me to maintain the website.

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