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    Giants Football Season - Sports Movie
    It just occurred to me, this season was just like a storts movie. Starting with 2 blowout losses at the beginning of the season. 6 straight wins and then you meet the division rival (dallas) who brings u down to earth. There was the star player who is injured and taken out for the season (shockey). The must win to get into the playoffs which starts bad but is pulled out The moral visory lose that propells you to the end of the movie. (Bufalo) Beating the division champ (Dallas) Beating the legionary player (Farve and the Packers). All to meet, the unbeaten team that was killing everyone before. To fall behind in the final2-3 minutes, with the other team celebrating on the sideline. You hand it to your much milighened (sp?) quarterback who during the year has a record intereceptions with 2 minutes left. There was the one bad play where there could ahve been an interception in the final drive. There was a inhuman play where the quarterback could have been sacked but wasn't to throw the ball in which a player makes a circus catch. Culminated with the perfect pass to the hurt star in the corner of the endzone.

    The only difference would be, that that last pass should have been thrown with no time on the clock to be a sudden death win, other than that I have seen this movie b4. You know I think I remember the name of the movie, "Remember the Titans"
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    Also the other little plots. The other Manning, little brother type of deal coming into his own. And that Brady/Patriots last 2 losses are to Eli Manning/Giants in this Superbowl and last seasons Championship game to Peyton Manning/Colts. Brady is going to have Manning nightmares, especially with all the new commercials that will be coming down the line. Many with Eli alone and more like that Oreos one with both Mannings.

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