I always thought that SE recognize the fon color of invisible text and penalize it. In a shopping site I found that source code:

<!-- Keep from Here down --><font color="#fdfdfd">

<p>XXXX-XXXXX - Discount designer clothing, Discount branded clothing, Cheap sportswear, Cheap designer clothes
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<p>XXXXX <a href="default.asp"><font color="#fdfdfd">
discount designer clothing</font></a>, GROUP: We are based
near Bath in the west country of <a href="default2.htm"><font color="#fdfdfd">
discount branded clothing</font></a>,
England and have been in sportswear since 1989. We always carry an extensive range
of <a href="about.htm"><font color="#fdfdfd">
branded sportswear</font></a>, top branded sports and designer
wear (over 500 lines) making <a href="about2.htm"><font color="#fdfdfd">
mens branded fashion</font></a>, internet
sales an ideal extension to the business. Brands-U-Wear The internet retail <a href="help.htm"><font color="#fdfdfd">
clothes</font></a>, side of Colgan Sportswear Colgan Sportswear Buys sports and designer
wear from all over the world to sell to it's wholesale customer base in the UK,
Europe and <a href="shipping.htm"><font color="#fdfdfd">
designer ladies wear</font></a>, Scandinavia. It also
supplies party planners, market traders and retailers. Colco <a href="placeholder.htm"><font color="#fdfdfd">
clothing uk</font></a>, Unisport Ltd A franchisor supplying sportswear franchisees in
the <a href="about.htm"><font color="#fdfdfd">
cheap sportswear</font></a>, British Isles and Southern Ireland.
Colco Unisport (Bristol) Company owned <a href="default.asp"><font color="#fdfdfd">
cheap designer clothes</font></a>,
franchise that operates locally in the area around Bath and Bristol. It services
local agents and provides valuable direct information to keep Colgan buyers in
touch with what customers want.</p></font>

This site has no 2 position in MSN and Altavista. Why is it not penalized?