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    SAS versus AllAffiliatePro
    Good Evening,

    I have seen a lot of positive input about SAS. Has anyone had experience with AllAffiliatePro? I am torn as to which would be better from a managment and recruiting perpective as well as from an affiliates perspective.


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    If I had a dime for everytime someone asked for a reference on SaS I could live off the return!! LOL

    SaS has a "few" supporters here. There are also many threads posing the same question from over the years and you can find a lot of feedback in those threads. Long story short.... SaS is a great network.
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    Talking SaS
    Hey Doveman,

    I recently faced a similar decision, and I chose SaS. They have a low initial set-up cost ($350), modest fees for continuing their service, an awesome auto-deposit function (don't lose track of your expenses though!) and it does a good job at keeping parasitic affiliates away.

    Another idea to think about before launching a program is PREPARATION. I would suggest putting up content about your program on your site as well as preparing banners and links before launching your program, especially if you have a smaller company.

    Best of luck!


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    AllAffiliatePro is a software pak for in house programs. You're not comparing apples with apples.

    It's harder to get affiliates to join an inhouse program than SAS.

    Call SAS learn about their network go on auto deposit.

    Then buy an ad here on ABW to kick off the program.
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