'Paying for Performance' Teleconference Re-Launches Its Support Group for Web Retailers

Allan Dick, Vintage Tub & Bath's Chief Marketing Officer announced that he is expanding the focus of Vintage Tub's Affiliate Marketing Call to include all aspects of performance marketing. The new "Paying for Performance" teleconference, hosted by noted digital marketing authority Jeff Molander, is a 60 minute tele-event that helps e-marketing/e-commerce professionals find solutions to everyday problems through candid advice from peers and industry experts.

February 20th's discussion will feature a debate on how to balance paid search & affiliate marketing strategies. The event includes industry veterans, Larry Joseloff, Sr. Director of Content at Shop.org (a former affiliate manager for brands within Commission Junction and at Discovery Channel Store); Kristopher Jones, President & CEO of Pepperjam Network and Kevin Lee, Exec. Chairman & Founder of search marketing agency Did-It. Request participation in this free, peer-based resource by contacting sponsor, Allan Dick at allan--at--vintagetub.com.

Taking place each 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4 pm Eastern Time, the virtual event includes a quick recap on hot news items, 'must read' books/articles and conferences enabling members to keep up-to-date on learnings and revelations of colleagues. Short presentations from invited guests address issues chosen by the group and are followed by lively question and answer sessions. In between monthly calls, a Web-based discussion group also keeps members networked and helping one another.

"The monthly calls are a life blood for me. As the sole person charged with e-commerce marketing management at a mid-sized multi-channel retailer, I need a support group that speaks my language," says Trish Tickle of Kitchen Collection.

"Networking with other affiliate managers lets me find out about new ideas, explore and ask questions about things that I don't have time to research completely. Between calls we can email each other or the whole group about issues that can't wait until the next call. In fact, just yesterday we were discussing international affiliate marketing," Tickle adds.

Brook Schaaf, affiliate marketing manager and founder of Schaaf Consulting, suggests multiple forms of value from the event.

"The Paying for Performance group is a trusted group of fellow, experienced affiliate marketers who are great to ask questions and bounce ideas off of. It's a comfortable environment for talking about both small and big ideas. The associated email list is great for continued discussion about vendors, affiliate practices and other issues."

Summary of Paying For Performance's February Event
As paid search marketing rapidly evolves retailers suddenly find themselves competing head-on with their own cost-per-acquisition (CPA) affiliates. They're struggling to maximize incremental revenue without cannibalizing their own search campaigns or threatening affiliate-generated sales. What's the answer? Tune in to get all the perspectives: the marketer, the affiliate and paid search agency. Learn the formula for balancing your approach. Yes, affiliates and your own search marketing programs can live harmoniously and profitably!

About The 'Paying for Performance' Teleconference
Uniquely, this conference call it is one of only a handful meetings sponsored by a retailer for other retailers. Participation is limited to 50 professionals so everyone can get a chance to speak up and have questions answered. Vendors may participate on an invitation basis based on their ability to contribute quality, relevant information in a group setting. Decisions are driven by recommendations from the group's participants, host, Jeff Molander and sponsor, Vintage Tub & Bath.

Sign up to participate in this free peer-based resource today by contacting: Allan Dick at allan--at--vintagetub.com.